Mambo Pa Ti (MPT) is proud to offer Rhode Island’s ONLY Latin Dance program for kids. In fact, we’re so excited to share the fundamentals of Salsa, Bachata, Hip Hop and Reggaeton with the next generation of dancers, ages 5-17, we’ve dedicated Saturdays in our studio just for them, offering seven hours of incredible programming.

Each one hour class, focusing on a single style of dance, is broken down into age groups: Babies (ages 5-8), Juniors (ages 9-12) and Teens (ages 11-17), allowing us to create dynamic choreographies that are also developmentally on target. And while the gift of dance comes with countless perks including cultivating manners and positive social interactions, increasing physical activity and fine tuning balance and motor skills, here at MPT, we’re okay if you want to keep these good-for-you benefits on the down-low and instead emphasize the pure fun that comes with simply moving around.

Twice a year, from February to July and August to December, our experienced instructors head to the hardwoods, ready to spark each child’s individual creativity and natural talent, while encouraging self-expression and artistry. It’s all in prep for the blow-out end of the session recital, where the students showcase all they’ve learned in performances guaranteed to bring the house down. Trust us. Your Instagram feed isn’t ready.

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