“I want to share my experience as a student of Mambo pa ti. I joined the dance studio under the encouragement of my sister who has participated in other salsa instructor lead classes. My sister basically said it would be fun, serves as exercise and plus you know how to dance. Well let me tell you it was an eye opener when Carlos ( the instructor) advised, yeah you could benefit from the beginners salsa class. What I know as Salsa street dance and properly executing salsa steps and moves are two different things. Now looking forward 5 month since I joined, I know I made the right move to join this salsa class. I have improved on my salsa and bachata dance techniques and every day is a learning experience that has a positive effect in my life. I am now much more confident with my social dancing and I have met wonderful people that I can now call friends. Carlos is a great instructor. Gives you feedback in a direct and pleasant manner as his goal is for you to learn and succeed together.”

– Elsa campos- student. Love mambo pa ti


“Where can you combine exercise, having fun, and meeting wonderful people? Mambo Pa Ti! I only intended to try out a salsa class for one session just to do something fun for a few weeks and change up my routine. But after one class, I was hooked. The instructor Carlos, owner of Mambo Pa Ti, is a great teacher with a unique style. His teaching method emphasizes learning basic movements and building upon them with each session to solidify what you learn. This focus on developing basic techniques for movement, balance, and rhythm allows you to establish your own dance style while advancing to the next level. I was surprised to see how quickly this happens for people of all skill levels. Not only is Carlos an amazing coach, but he somehow gives meticulous feedback during class while entertaining everyone in the process. The warm environment he creates makes everyone feel welcome and at home ensuring that everyone has a great time. As a result, I have made so many friends from the class whom I would have never met otherwise. The main problem now is that I can’t stop going…”

– Sara G.


“Carlos is an amazing teacher. I remember starting salsa back in 2008. I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I have a musical background, but playing music is far different from dancing to music with timing and rhythm. In the beginning, I was hopeless and it seemed as though I would never become a good Latin dancer. I personally, never quit and Carlos never quit on me. After years of working at it together, not only had I become a proficient Latin dancer, but under Carlos, I performed all over RI, MA, and even at the 2011 NJ International Salsa Festival. I have since put away my performance shoes, but still dance socially and I see Carlos and his students continue to improve and continue to be active in the community as a dance company. Becoming a part of Mambo Pa Ti was one of the greatest decisions of my life, because it was through salsa dancing and an introduction from Carlos that I met my wonderful life Robin. Carlos is a great teacher, and an amazing friend”

– Prasoeur Sek


“I met Mambo Pa Ti during my year abroad in US and I was very impressed with the high level skills of its social dancers. As someone that only had some months before go back to my country, I was looking for optimizing the learning process and I found a very good structure of classes there. The first levels emphasize repetition and body-memory. The most high levels teaches advance turn patterns that really helps to build the body and the intelligence of a dancer. Moreover, during the private classes the professors knew how to identify my level and worked from there. I highly recommend the school for beginners and people that just want to have fun and to make friends, and especially for people looking for a technical development as a dancer. My greetings to Carlos and Kathia!”

– Lucas Vollet

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