The Mambo Pa Ti (MPT) Performance Teams are committed to showcasing the artistry of Latin dance. Made up of passionate individuals, who are committed to furthering their dance skills, as well as expressing themselves on stage, our teams are personally educated by the founder of MPT studios, Carlos Gonzalez, as well as other experienced members of the Mambo Pa Ti staff.

Our teams, including the Pro Team, boasting years of intensive training, have performed on some of the most prestigious stages around the country, including Salsa Boston Salsa Festival, Miami Salsa Congress and New York Salsa Congress As we continue grow as a company, and take an exciting new direction in competitive salsa competitions, MPT welcomes new talent to join our community, holding regular group and individual auditions.

Carlos Gonzalez • Founder

From his journey to the United States from his native Dominican Republic at age eleven, to rising above the tough urban challenges of growing up in Providence’s Chad Brown projects, Carlos Gonzalez has always been motivated and inspired by positivity…

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Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez first started dancing salsa in October of 2008 thanks to his cousins Carlos Gonzalez. When asked what he thought about salsa he said “never was into salsa before I started taking lessons, but once I started it was something I could not stop…

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