Mambo Pa Ti (MPT) offers affordable group classes, for beginners and professionals, providing over 30 hours of intensive studio training each week, in specialities like NewYork Salsa On2, and authentic Dominican Bachata, as well as dance coaching. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

In our high energy, judgement free studio, we focus first on creating a solid foundation of basic footwork, steadily building on the fundamentals each week to increase your confidence on the dance floor. From there, we add a bit of flair, from shines to turn patterns, to help showcase your own personal style. We pride ourselves on our technical instruction, but we also like to have a whole lot of fun!

While some studios rush the graduation process, MPT believes mastering dance is a marathon, not a sprint. Our signature MPT Monthly Pass not only includes all-you-can-dance Salsa, Bachata and Afro Cuban classes, free admission to Salsa Fever Thursdays and 50% off private lessons and workshops, it also allows you to learn at your own pace, customizing instruction to your needs, not ours.

Our innovative program allows you to focus on a single class, or move between them seamlessly, challenging yourself at a higher level, while also returning to review what you’ve already learned, all in the same month. Because of our methods, MPT produces much more skilled dancers and is the reason we’ve not only trained the most number of Latin dancers in Rhode Island, but is why an increasing number of students travel to study with us.

MPT classes are also an incredible alternative to the gym, mixing high-energy instructors, the friendly camaraderie of awesome students and some good tunes, that all adds up to keeping YOU motivated. And that’s even before we add in the fact that our aerobic workouts can burn up to 500 calories an hour, improve your balance and whittle away your waist, hips and legs. No partner necessary.