Roberto Vega

Roberto Vega – My name is Roberto Vega and I have a huge passion for music.

My passion started at the age of 2 when my parents introduced me to an instrument, la guira. My favorite moment playing the guira was in 2002 at my family reunion, when I played with a famous Merengue Tipico band. Since then, my passion for music has grown tremendously. I am always interested in expanding my musical library, getting old and new music from each genre.

I began taking classes with Mambo Pa Ti in 2012. I auditioned for the student team and since have danced my way up to the Pro Team. Not only I am a dancer, but also DJ on a weekly basis, which I truly enjoy. My goal is to DJ major Salsa congresses all over the US and internationally, and have a career in radio, either playing music or discussing sports.

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