Lady Pabon

Lady Pabon, an Artist Collective Member of Metamovements Cultural Connections Travel programs is a multi-talented Dancer, Singer, Lyricist, Instructor/Educator and Percussionist. Born and raised in Boston to a family of performers and educators she grew up learning the importance of music and dance in health, education and community building. She learned to play latin percussion instruments, sing and dance Bomba, Plena, Hip Hop and Salsa, amongst other traditional, folkloric and modern genres from a young age. Today, she shares her experiences and love through teaching dance, percussion and song to others, as well as performing and producing arts programming and events locally, nationally and internationally. Her current workshops and class offerings range from hip hop, Bomba, Cuban body movement, Salsa On1 and Rueda De Casino. Throughout the years she has developed varying strategies for student engagement based on age, level and environment.

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