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Student Dance Team

Those Mambo Pa Ti (MPT) dancers you admire so much? (No names. We don’t want any big heads around here.) Well, they all started somewhere. Maybe even as a member of the Student Dance Team. This amateur team is a great starting performance point for everyone, but especially those students who have been dancing for less than a year. Put yourself on the fast (and fun) track to improve your skills, while taking the stage at local venues and events, all while giving yourself the potential to climb that MPT ladder. No experience necessary.

Bachata Team

The Mambo Pa Ti (MPT) Bachata team is a program for the dedicated dancer interested in challenging themselves and taking their dancing to the next level. Our team performs at local venues, congresses, festivals, and more! No partner or experience necessary, just a dedication to improvement, a positive attitude, a commitment to having fun and the ability to rock a kick-ass costume!


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